5 Fun and Offbeat Ways to Enjoy Galentine’s Day This Year

Having a night out with friends has become really important to me since becoming a mom. It can be difficult to make or even keep mom friends, let alone find the time when all of you can hang out. So when it does happen for us, we try to make it memorable. Here are five ideas for Galentine’s Day this year:

Sing Karaoke

I’ve always loved the concept of karaoke because you don’t actually have to be good at singing to enjoy it. It’s more about shedding your inhibitions and doing something potentially embarrassing with your close friends. I don’t really recommend doing this with people you don’t know very well or are trying to impress. Otherwise, it’s a ton of fun—hey, you’re already doing it alone in your car anyway!

Eat Dinner At An Exotic or Ethnic Restaurant

Dinner out with friends is pretty common thing to do. But going to a restaurant that serves food that nobody else has tried before, or enjoying food from a foreign culture is always fun. Even if you’re not traveling, at least your taste buds get to explore something different for the evening.

Climb A Rock Wall

For the more adventurous, there’s always climbing a rock wall. Not as dangerous as it’s natural counterpart, but still fun and physically invigorating. It may not be the most relaxing thing to do, but there is definitely a high that you feel when you have achieved a feat of physical daring, not to mention the stronger bond you will feel with your gal pals afterwards.

Get Dressed Up And See A Musical Or Stage Play

Musicals are a great excuse to get dressed up with a little culture thrown in. They can be uplifting, exciting, or just plain fun to watch. Musicals, depending on how popular they are, can be a little bit more expensive, but are almost always worth it.

Participate In A Cooking Class

This one is fun because it doesn’t matter if you are good at cooking or not, or are familiar with the particular recipe or not. Like karaoke, it’s not about being good at something, it’s about doing it anyway, and not worrying about how many mistakes you make along the way or potentially looking foolish. It’s all about having fun. And you’ll even have an edible souvenir at the end of the session.

What are some fun and offbeat things you like to do with your girlfriends/mom friends?

Photo by Uby Yanes on Unsplash


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