8 Simple and Fun Date Night Ideas For Busy Parents

Any couple will tell you that date night is important for carving out a bit of time during the busy week to spend time with one’s partner. This is even more true for a frazzled parent.

But unlike pre-baby days, it’s not always easy or possible to go anywhere or do anything, especially at a moment’s notice.

But since it’s important (and fun!) for Mom and Dad to have some time off away from the kids, here are 8 date ideas for day or night that can actually coexist with parenting.

Eat At An Ethnic Restaurant Featuring Cuisine Neither Of You Has Tried Before

Get out of your comfort zone, eat with your hands or sit on the floor, depending on the norms of that particular culture. For instance, enjoying Ethiopian food could even have you sitting on the floor and eating with just your hands!

Have A Picnic On The Beach Or At A Lake

Picnics on sunny days are always a good idea, but even better when there’s a body of water close by. Being close to the water is not only calm and refreshing to your senses, but you can even go in for a dip afterwards if you want. Just be sure to wait at least an hour first!

Check Out A Historic Landmark That Is Well-Known In Your City

Whenever most of us think of sightseeing, we think of fancy getaways, majestic natural wonders, and cultural sites in faraway lands. But the truth is, we may be missing out on some pretty awesome local landmarks that we overlook because We Can See Them Anytime. As a result, we never get to see them. Google what makes your city great or unique and plan a day trip to experience it.

Go To A Comedy Club And Cheer Loudly For Whoever Is On Stage

Lots of amateur comedians try out their skills on the stages of comedy clubs, nervous and unsure if they will get a laugh. Odds are, they are probably pretty good, and your encouragement will put a smile on their face. This idea is also fun as a double date.

Select A Recipe From A Cookbook Which Uses Commonly Found Ingredients In A New Way

There are 5693 ways to cook chicken. Or fish. Or veggies. You get the idea. Use fruits and vegetables that are in season and shake things up in a whole new way. Put on some music and cook or bake the dish together. Don’t forget to take pictures, and share it with friends and family via social media if you wish. Last but not least, dig in!

Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen Or Other Charitable Organization

This may seem a bit unconventional, but will be a strong bonding experience. Spending a day helping others receive a meal, or assisting with building a home for the less fortunate will bring your own blessings into stark relief. Take pictures with the people you helped or with the other volunteers to show your kids.

Browse A Bookstore

Choose a large bookstore if possible, and part ways, going in different sections once inside. Select a book your partner will love or has mentioned wanting to read. Meet in the store’s coffee shop and exchange books over coffee.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Have some cake, cupcakes, or anything that satisfies your sweet tooth at a bakery close by. After you’re done, take a relaxing stroll back home.

What are your favorite date ideas for couples and parents of children who need a day/night out?

Photo by Rosie Ann via Pexels


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