Welcome to burgeon & bloom!

Formerly known as The Haute Mommy Handbook, I wanted to create a space that encompasses not only written articles, but my creative endeavors as well.

I’m Jen, and burgeon & bloom represents my designs, is the name of my online shop, and has been my creative outlet for some time now, so it just made sense to combine my writing space and my design space, shop, and books under one umbrella.

I’m also the author and illustrator of my very first book for children, titled Norah Doesn’t Eat THAT! which is available on AmazonBooksAMillionIndieBound, and Alibris.

After 10 years, I am saying goodbye—sort of—to The Haute Mommy Handbook. It represented a season of my life which–while I am grateful for it–I am no longer in, and I wanted a more meaningful name to ascribe to the space I inhabit today. I eagerly look forward to this next chapter.

If you were a loyal reader of The Haute Mommy Handbook, I sincerely thank you and welcome you to my newest endeavor.

Here you will still find the same type of content (recipes, travel, wellness, lifestyle) from The Haute Mommy Handbook + more creativity and design to hopefully inspire you to grow your best self.

Thank you for being here!


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